Three Tree Media has a special passion for telling stories

that will inspire and encourage


Too often negativity and bad news dominate media and messaging. At Three Tree Media, we look for opportunities to present positive, encouraging, and moving stories in ways that can inspire and motivate others. In fact, we started Three Tree Media to help people and organizations bring inspirational stories come to life.



For all of our clients, both for profit and not for profit, we strive to keep the message positive. Positive is the right thing to do and the best way to influence viewers.


The principals for effective nonprofit video story telling are no different than for corporations and startup businesses. The communication must be compelling, high quality, and attention grabbing. Our skilled graphic designers have years of experience working with nonprofits to meet and exceed all their motion graphics and filming needs.


A major component of our business is developing original media for Christian organizations. Whether for church services, special events, community outreach, youth and children’s programming, conventions, or documentaries, Three Tree Media helps Christ-based ministries with all their media needs.

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