Bringing your IDEAS to life!

Three Tree Media is a full service video production company located in Aurora, Colorado. We work in the Denver Metro area, throughout Colorado, and beyond. Our team members have more than forty years of combined experience developing engaging audio-visual messaging for TV networks, broadcasters, corporations, small businesses, inventors, and non-profits.


Don’t rely on words and photos alone to tell your story! Our team will transform your fundamental messages into persuasive video communication that will motivate your target audience.

Here is a partial list of companies we have had the pleasure to work with:





Altitude Network


US Department of Transportation


Fishing Science


H-D Productions

Southeast Christian Church


Reel Wings


Core Power Yoga


IDI Gear


Sahara’s Gate


Gate Glide

Prague Christian Library


Stonebridge Company


Horse Crazy


Major Cattle Company


Zonge Engineering



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