Editing is where the magic happens


Where concepts and raw footage come to life and your story is crafted.


We use two state of the art Mac edit bays that have Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe CS 6 Production Suite which gives us the ability to edit in Standard and High Definition and produce both DVD and Blu-Ray discs.


But that’s just part of the process. Sounds and music are blended in. Voiceovers and graphics are added. Color and lighting is enhanced. All of these processes contribute to the look and feel that will set your video apart.


After those final steps we will export your video to its final-use format. These include NTSC, PAL, MPEG-4, H-264, DVD, Blu-Ray, Flash-SWF for websites, and even Uncompressed 8-bit 1080 60 HD. Editing in non-linear timelines enables us to edit in one time line and export video in a multitude of formats for every conceivable need.

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